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We combine western and eastern know-how into one wonderful experience. We want to make the expertise of immigrants and asylum seekers available to everyone.

Professionalism is the fact that the customer is offered nationwide services according to his needs. Have you thought about how much extra facial hair you have? So why don’t you try, for example, threading your eyebrows, shaving with a knife, removing nose hair with wax… Removing them strangely lightens the look.

WE are an international team and we have been working together for two years. We have a total of several decades of professional experience. During this time, we have been able to participate in great events (SLUSH, Asunnotomiten yö, Popup barbershop day, Funkyelephant, etc.) and appeared in several media (Töölöläinen, Kamppi-lehti, HBL, Pinni, Kaunis Grani, etc.)

Our shop is located in the heart of Helsinki, Fredrikinkatu 58. These barbershops have been in operation for over 80 years.

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